A Little About Me...

I started out this journey as an avid reader, as nearly all writers do. Some people say they love to read.  I've got them beat.  I really, REALLY love to read. 

Laundry piling up or dust bunnies taking up residence in my home when I’m in the middle of a good book? Don’t care. Romance, suspense, YA, classics—you name it, I’ll read it (except for science fiction-just not my thing). 

My days are full—so full that I sometimes find it hard to carve time out to write.  I'm a people watcher by nature though, and just observing a simple exchange between two people can set my wheels in motion.  I find that I always have plotlines dancing around in my head.  When I have the luxury of uninterrupted time to write, I suppose I don't go about it in the traditional way.  I don't stick to outlines, planning everything out beforehand.  No, my characters often come to me out of the blue and it's those beloved creatures that take me on a journey, rather than the other way around.  Writing is something I do for fun, for the opportunity to be creative, and lastly, to challenge myself.

If you've gotten this far, I'm assuming you've read one of my books, so thank you! If I've given you a short escape from daily life, a little romance, or simply something to think about, I'm satisfied. 

And if you have a moment...
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